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Blood Fury

While defeating the mysterious Father Fury and his minions, the superhero, known as Eagle Eye, encountered what appeared to be an abandoned infant. The infant had red skin and a tail. Despite having initial reservations about where the child came from, Eagle Eye and his soon to be wife, Karen Summers, took the baby in and raised her as their own. Given the name Mary Summers by the couple, the child was raised with strong values and compassion. When she began to develop special abilities in her tens, Mary wanted to be a hero like her adoptive father. Taking the name Blood Fury as her superhero alias (despite her father’s objections to the name being “too dark”), Mary uses her enhanced speed and agility, as well as her ability to make weapons out of pure flame, to fight evil. Never judge a book by its cover – Blood Fury is a hero through and through.


In the year 3057 our planet is on the eve of its final days. The sinister Kronos Magus (a time traveler) has entered this time line to convince Azzur that he can save his planet and his family with the fabled “Staff of Eternity.” Which only he can locate through his unique power. Thrusted into a battle with Kronos and the hero know as Time Rift. Azzur is ripped from his timeline into ours. With no memory of who he is and where he is from Azzur is befriended by a boy named Michael who gives him the name Prism when he mistakes him for a new superhero.

Shadow Shifter

Inquisitive 7 year old Cameron Slater overheard numerous conversations between his parents, Kevin and Sara Slater, about S.T.E.E.L. and the Ritual of Shadows. So when the time came for his parents to undergo the ritual, Cameron had to see if for himself. He snuck away from his aunt, 22 year old Lucia Slater, who was babysitting him at the time, and went to the lab where the ritual was being performed. Lucia eventually located him and despite her objections, Cameron wandered too close to the portal. Suddenly, tentacles emerged from the Realm of Shadows and seized Cameron. Lucia tried to no avail to pry him from the tentacles but the two were dragged into the portal. They both emerged forever changed with Cameron possible being the most powerful being to ever undergo the ritual. His ability to manipulate his shadow is not completely understood, so Cameron (now known as Shadow Shifter) works with the Fraternity of Shadow in hopes of learning to control his powers.

Eagle Eye

William was an Archangel sent to Earth by a higher power for reasons unknown to him at the time. Seeing America’s fascination with superheroes and to go under cover, he adopted the guise of Eagle Eye, a winged avenger with the power of flight. He enjoyed his new life as one of Earth’s defenders and eventually met Karen Summers, a reporter with the local television station, and fell in love. While doing a story on the mysterious Father Fury and his cult of followers, Karen was kidnapped and Eagle Eye rushed to her aid. He managed to defeat Father Fury and rescue his true love. But while inside of the cult leaders stronghold, he came across a baby…a baby with red skin and a tail. He soon realized why the higher power sent him to Earth and led him to Karen and the couple began to raise the child as if she was their own.


Maurice “Mojo” Jones was a pro football player with a big heart and very pronounced mean streak. His disruptive on and off the field antics caused his agent to enroll him in anger management. Mojo was prescribed an experimental mood stabilizer, with strict instructions, to prevent side effects…instructions he did not follow. After a game, Mojo went to celebrate at a local night club. Some of the patrons recognized Mojo and began to harass him which caused him to lose his temper. The lights began to flicker and Mojo realized his body was absorbing the energy and he was growing stronger. He flew into an uncontrollable rage and the more energy he absorbed the stronger and angrier he became. His skin turned orange and he began sprouting spikes over parts of his body. It took the combined might of The Captain, Defender, and Infinity to stop Mojo’s rampage. They began to work with him to control his anger and soon he became the superhero known as “Rage.”

Red Wraith

There isn’t a lot of background information on the mysterious assassin known only as Red Wraith, other than his consideration to be one of the world’s supreme assassins. It is not clear if his amazing strength, speed, agility, and mastery of armed and unarmed combat are a product of super powers or if he is an individual trained to peak physical perfection. His favorite weapon of choice is his “Soul Staff” which can not only be used as a blunt offensive or defensive weapon, but can also fire compressed bursts of powerful concentrated energy. The few who have been lucky enough to survive and encounter with him believe the staff contains the souls of his vanquished enemies. Whether this is true or not, Red Wraith is a frightening individual nonetheless.

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