About Us

To build an award-winning franchise, you need a thoroughly experienced team who understands the industry and how to navigate through it. The leadership team at COMIC BOOK CAFE is unlike any other and is the reason why our unique concept has been successful for over 14 years. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication- Our team has set an example for future franchise owners. Check out our leaders below!

Kevin Slachciak

With over 35 years of franchising and management experience, Kevin became the owner of COMIC BOOK CAFÉ in 2008. He learned through multiple franchise systems and developed these into some of the most efficient and profitable practices in the industry.

1987 – Managed multiple locations for Picasso’s Pizza, a very successful local restaurant franchise.

1994 – Opened a local franchise as the owner/operator Picasso’s Pizza Express. Developed and implemented many systems still used in those franchises today

1998 – Started a new concept, Planet Pizza.

2002 – Opened second Picasso’s Pizza Express

2004 – Started his own franchise, Say Cheese Pizza Company 

2005 – Opened a second Say Cheese Pizza Company

2006 – Sold the first Say Cheese Pizza Company franchise

2008 – Opened the first Comic Book Café which he still owns today

Matt Cole

Matt Cole

Having spent more than 20 years managing a collection of large scale world renown properties, Matt has spent much of this time working for & directly with leaders of global industry on a 1 on 1 basis. 

With a primary focus on operations, Matt’s greatest strengths in the restaurant/hospitality space are initial site selection, location development, and build out, as well as front of house & staff management. 

Having known Kevin since roughly 1993, he spent the last 10 of those years pushing Kevin to franchise, on many occasions yelling at him:

“Why are there not a hundred of these!?! There is nothing like this anywhere on Earth!”. 

Eventually Matt got smart and went to the real boss…

He went to Kevin’s wife Sara. 

Two days later Kevin called and said “Alright let’s do it!”